New and Not So New: We welcome Sonya McCaul back to St. John’s

Sonya McCaul isn’t a stranger to St. John’s. She worked here for 10 years – from 1989 until 1999 – before moving to North Carolina for the next 19, just after the church underwent its major renovations, adding the office wing (the Reverend Tom O’Dell was rector). Now she is back in our offices as our new financial secretary.

A Roanoke native who grew up Baptist, McCaul has put down Virginia roots again in Franklin County, where she loves to hike with her two dogs – Princess Jessi, a Great Dane (her second), and Diesel, a Doberman (her fourth – she had her first, Louie, when she worked at St. John’s in the ‘90s). She’s now within close reach of her family in Virginia (including her parents, brother and sister, nieces and nephews), and her son Aidan, who lives in Winston-Salem, with his own child – kind of – “I have a grandkitty” (named Squishie). Every year she comes to Roanoke to walk the Drumstick Dash in memory of her niece, Ashley Brooke Barton.

“It picked me,” says McCaul about landing in her job at St. John’s the first time. “Next thing I know I’ve been there 10 years.” After moving to North Carolina for family reasons, she didn’t leave the church world, taking a similar position at a United Methodist church, where she stayed for almost two decades.

Moving home again was serendipitous – “everything fell into place,” says McCaul. She wanted to be closer to her family in Virginia, and within hours of posting her resume (with St. John’s minister for parish administration Lisa Cayse listed as a reference), she heard from Cayse.

She’s here on weekdays, so please stop in to welcome her home again!


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